Finish Line

21 Sep

Today is the official last day of my 30 day makeover.  Am I a new woman? Did I achieve my physical fitness goals? Let’s see what the numbers say. I lost 3 pounds (not the 10 to 20 promised) and I lost an average of 2.5 inches overall (3 inches in certain areas). I don’t have a 6-pack, but my stomach is more flat.  If I’m honest, I fizzled out somewhere around day 18.  We went to a beautiful indian wedding, with all this delicious indian food and an open bar… What was I supposed to do? Not eat? Yeah right. That’s why I have to go on diets.  Granted, I didn’t eat as much as I could have, so I suppose that’s a small victory.  Also, my social life seems to have perked up lately: I had the ladies group at church on day 22, and dinner with a coworker on day 26, a picnic on day 28… but enough about my failure to follow the diet religiously.  Let’s focus on the positive.

I can actually say, I have enjoyed the workouts. I never thought I would say that. Ever. They are hard, and I still can’t do everything, but I feel strong. And underneath this layer of padding is a lean machine. I went to the gym tonight and did 20 real pushups.  10 of them with my feet on a body ball. I couldn’t do that 30 days ago.  My skin looks really good, and the only difference is this diet. I also think my mood has improved (you’ll have to check with Mr. S on that).

So, to sum up, would I recommend this diet? Yes. And what is my plan going forward? I plan to continue to the workouts, starting from the beginning, day 1.  I will mix it up with classes I like, like yoga and Zumba (I just bought a Groupon for 5 classes for $12 – holla!). And generally work to maintain homeostasis.  I’m also considering taking some martial arts classes because I don’t think I inspire enough fear in those around me. We’ll see.


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