All I Want for Christmas – Part One

15 Dec

So I’m a HUGE blogging slacker. Mea culpa readers. I have no real excuse other than laziness. We always find time for the things that are important.

So, what’s important now? Christmas. There aren’t a ton of things I want, however, I need to make a list for Mr. S. so I’m going to post it here with pictures and links 🙂 Now, this is not just a christmas list, it’s a wish list, so some of the items will be crazy and outlandish. Shall we get started?

Let’s start with some crazy stuff

OH MY WORD!!! Santa I have been EXTRA nice this year, please don’t listen to what anyone tells you to the contrary.  I would just roll over and die if I received this. Can you imagine?

I love love love it when I receive the Anthropologie Catalog in the mail. I can’t wear the clothes. I want to have that aesthetic, that look, so badly, but I don’t. I’m not tall and willowy. But a gal can dream. I Love these shoes

I love that they’re green, and I wish I could get a pic of the outfit in the catalog that went with the shoes.

I love these clothbound Penguin Classic Books.  How wonderful would these be on a bedside table, or the table next to your reading nook.

And speaking of a reading nook, Mr. S. and I will be moving soon. I would love for our new bedroom to be large enough to accommodate a chaise lounge like this one at Ikea

So, this is the beginning of the list. I also need things like socks and undies, but that’s boring. Stay tuned for more Christmas wants!


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