All I want for Christmas – Part 2

16 Dec

I am at work, but Lord knows I can’t focus on it. So, I shall continue my Christmas Wish List.

Something to keep me warm at night…

Nothing says sexy like velour footie pajamas with a hood.  Can’t you just see me singing Santa Baby in this? HA! Sexy or not, I would be very nice to the person who got me this warm little number.

These boots were made for walking…

…around the house.  Can you tell I live in a cold climate? These bootie slippers were on the Target website, but I’m sure you could find something similar almost anywhere else.

Baby it’s cold outside…

but this coat would keep me sooo warm.  This is my DREAM coat by Max Mara Atelier. It’s $2,450. it’s double faced wool. I tried it on in the store and I actually contemplated shop lifting.  I would settle for something like it.

Why yes, I am a member of my local NPR station.

Toot Toot! (sound of the nerd train pulling into the station)

This handy dandy Grace wireless internet radio would allow me to listen to EVERY NPR station in the nation. As well as international radio, satellite radio, Pandora. I really like radio, I don’t know if you picked up on that.

Everyone always wants to lose weight in the new year. Well praise the Lord, for the first time I don’t.  I’m quite content with who I am right now, but that doesn’t mean we get lazy and sloppy. I am a newly wed after all, and despite the footie-hoodie pajamas, I would like to keep Mr. S interested.  So, to further my health and wellness goals:

A Polar heart rate monitor.  It also tracks calories burned. And:

New Sneakers. However, I’m not saying this is the pair I want. I like to go to Running Fit and be fitted for a sneaker because I have weird feet. I do like New Balance though.

And finally…


So I was recently the victim of a heinous crime, where my beloved mac book was stolen. Lesson to be learned here? Make sure you back EVERYTHING up. All the time. I try to console myself with phrases like, you were due for a new one anyway. Right. A new macbook would be awesome, and so would an ipad. The ipad just for kicks.

A few parting thoughts. Diamonds are a girls best friend. I wouldn’t say no to a pair of flat grey suede riding boots. Who doesn’t love a coach purse?

What do you want for Christmas?


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