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Long Time Gone

9 Nov

Hello dear readers! Can you forgive me?  I am woefully behind in posting.  What can I say? I’m a busy girl 🙂 So, here is a mash up (can you use that term when not applied to music?) of what I’ve been doing since my last post.

Last month (ACK! Can you believe it’s already November?) I took a trip to the happiest place on earth – my alma mater Sweet Briar College. My friends and I went and had a blast! We ate in the Dining hall, we attempted to walk to the Monument at night (I say attempted because my friends are chickens), and we went to the JCrew Clearance Store which was a real experience. We found out that once a month they have these warehouse sales, where people stand in line for hours, but it is soooo worth it.  I got a cashmere hoodie for $18 that retails for $188 and one of us got a pair of beautiful grey leather boots for $30 that retail for (prepare yourself) $355.  And they do this every month. I swear if I still lived in DC I would drive down for it at least bi-monthly.

It was so fantastic to be there, but I wasn’t prepared for how it would affect me emotionally. I’ve been back to Sweet Briar since graduation, but so much of my life has changed since my last visit.  Here I was, standing in this place that is almost frozen in time for me. All the smells, and many of the sites were the same. But it was almost painful because I could feel what I felt while I was there as a student – hope, possibility. As Mrs. P put it, this was a place where anything was possible, and we had nothing but a bright future in front of us.  Well, we are now living in that future, and although many of us are actually working in our chosen careers, we wonder if we are really achieving the goals we set.  After dealing with those thoughts, I did actually walk away feeling renewed and with a new sense of possibility.

And because I believe a blog should have pictures,

here’s a collage of some pics I took that weekend.

Next up, I finished my hat! I knit this hat with me own two hands.  I borrowed the Secret Garden movie from my sister, and when I saw Mary’s hat I said, I have to have that. Sure, she’s a 9 yr old girl, I’m a grown woman. Your point? It’s super cute, and it’s warm. If you’re interested in the pattern, it’s here.

I’ve started a new diet. I don’t want to get into particulars, but it’s working. I had some people try to discourage me from another diet, but what can I say? I want thinner thighs. So far, my thighs are being really stubborn. I’ve got a week and a half left, so we’ll see how it shakes out.

I’ve got a million projects going all at the same time.

We’re almost done with our thank you cards! (However, I am so ashamed that it’s taken me so long to finish them. I’m not ungrateful -just forgetful).

I was reading one of the blogs I like, and the gal just writes one sentence or just posts a picture sometimes. I think I might start doing that. Every post doesn’t need to be thoughtful and deep 🙂

I think that’s it for the moment. If I have any thoughts, I’ll be sure to share them.


Consider the Lilies… or the Dahlias

29 Sep

Taken with my Iphone

Lately, I’ve been keeping fresh flowers on my desk, and today, my lovely coworker gave me this beautiful dahlia.  Things are very tense at work these days, and I think for many of us, the fear of unemployment is our constant companion – I know it is mine.  In addition, I believe that the fear of not having enough is often strongest in those who have always had plenty (that would be me).

This morning, I was looking at the flower, and this verse in Luke 27 came to my mind:

“Consider how the lilies grow. They do not labor or spin. Yet I tell you, not even Solomon in all his splendor was dressed like one of these. If that is how God clothes the grass of the field, which is here today, and tomorrow is thrown into the fire, how much more will he clothe you, O you of little faith!” (NIV – Luke 27:27,28).

I think that says it all.

Powder Room Rules

13 Sep

Dear readers! I apologize for the week of silence. I have to write when inspiration strikes, and I keep missing my windows.  Fortunately for you, the iron is hot right this second.  Today I want to talk about bathroom etiquette. Specifically the Ladies’ Room because I don’t know exactly, nor do I want to guess what misdeeds go on in the Men’s Room.

Some of you reading this know that I have serious public restroom phobias. And despite the absurdness of some of my idiosyncrasies, I believe they make me a better bathroom neighbor.  So here are a few guidelines for public restroom usage.

Sprinkle Tinkle

We’ve all heard of the Sprinkle Tinkle rule, and I’m loathe to say that too many women seem to disregard this edict.  Even worse, I have lately found tinkle around the seat in the ladies room. AROUND THE SEAT! Can someone explain to me how this happens? We are not men, we do not have to aim from a great height.  So, please be neat and wipe the seat AND wherever else your tinkle has landed.

Rule No. 2

Rule No. 2 refers to No. 2.  If your restroom is small and lacks ventilation, don’t do No. 2. It just makes things uncomfortable for everyone.  The perpetrator has to sneak out while no one’s in there, and those who come behind almost pass out from lack of oxygen. Whenever possible, please find another facility in your building.  Try the basement, or better yet wait til you get home.

Courtesy Flush

Public commodes are notorious for leaving bits of tissue behind. Although this is hardly the most egregious of trespasses, it’s the easiest to correct. On principal, I flush twice. Maybe it’s not the most eco-friendly idea, but your coworkers will appreciate the gesture.

The Golden Rule

And finally, the rule to sum them all up: Do unto others as you would have done unto you. Simple as that. Do you like standing in someone else’ pee? If you wait too long to get up from your desk and have to run to the restroom, do you really want to run into 3 different stalls before you find one that’s usable? I don’t think so.

I hope these tips have been instructive. I’m considering printing this and posting this in the restroom here, but that might be well received.

Happy Monday!

This is my confession

3 Sep

Confession time: Mr. S if you’re reading this, cover your eyes.  I sneak and eat chocolate in the bedroom when I think he’s not looking. Am I horrible? Is that horrible? Why do I feel like I have to hide my treats from him? Is HE really judging me, or am I judging myself through his eyes? I think he’s judging me… The bottom line is, if I feel like I can’t openly indulge, then maybe I shouldn’t be indulging at all.

My regime has been going fairly well – which reminds me, I am adopting some new vocabulary words because people seem offended when I tell them I’m on a diet. I am now “en regime” which is the French term for being on a diet. And when I refuse food I will simply say, “I’m watching my figure.” I’m not a large person, I’m mostly very hippy.  And people respond poorly to small-ish people who say they’re on a diet.

As I was saying, my regime has been going well, but the work-outs have not. I mentioned last week that I injured my ankle.  Well yesterday, while performing Back Kicks with Shoulder Press – which if you’re familiar with yoga poses is like the Tuladandasana pose in Bikram only with weights- I literally felt something pop across my mid back.  I sometimes feel a bit like Charlie Brown or Eyore when it comes to working out. In any event, I will take a few days off for my body to recover and get back on the grind.  I am incredibly amazed by how much stronger I do feel.

So, to sum up, I won’t eat my chocolate in the bedroom anymore. I will eat it in the living room.

“If you are not feeling well, if you have not slept, chocolate will revive you. But you have no chocolate! I think of that again and again! My dear, how will you ever manage?”

– Marquise de Sévigné

Bon apetit!

Work Work Work

1 Sep

It has been a very busy 2 days. My parents are visiting, and there was a lot of work that went into preparing the house for guests.  I have several topics, but no time to fully develop my thoughts, so hopefully tonight I can post something with more substance.

In the meantime, while reading through the books at JoAnn’s on Saturday, I came across this quote from Edith Head, who was a costume designer for Hollywood.

Your dresses should be tight enough to show you’re a woman and loose enough to show you’re a lady.

I like that. I’m going home to work out, and possible start work on another project. We’ll see. My Dad brought me a staple gun and I’m anxious to use it.

Gros Bisous!

The reason for this blog…

24 Aug

Dear reader, you must be thinking, two blog posts in one day? Why of course! I have a lot to say, so figure I better get started.  As I mentioned in the “Why You Should Want My Opinion” section, the main reason for this blog is that I want to let you peek inside my head.  In addition, I have a few personal goals I want to achieve with this blog.

First and foremost: ACCOUNTABILITY

If on this blog I say I’m going to do something, then doggonit I better do it. So, if you see me slipping, please remind me of my responsibility to the public.

The rest of the list is as follows (in no particular order):

Finish what I start – My home is full of unfinished projects & unfinished books. The main project to put to bed is the wedding.  Friends, weddings never end. I still have photos to go through, and thank you notes to write. My dear husband, who shall here on out be referred to as Mr. S, has been helping write the notes so we are well on our way. I will let you know when we’re done. Should I set a deadline?

Also, I don’t want to toot my own horn, but I was one beautiful bride, and I want to submit the photos to my favorite magazine – Martha Stewart Weddings, as well as The Knot and a few other publications & blogs.

Do something creative everyday – Even if it’s just practicing stamping techniques.  I LOVE crafts and sewing. Many of my unfinished projects fall under goal #1.

Kiss & hug Mr. S – I’m a newlywed so this should be easy, but I am not naturally affectionate. I don’t like to hug – a friendly wave will do. And sometimes I forget that I should show him affection.  He probably won’t appreciate this one as he thinks I already kiss & hug him too much.

Read my Bible & pray every day – do this and you’ll grow grow grow, so the song says.  I am horribly inconsistent in this regard, but you, dear reader, will help keep me on track.

Exercise! – you read my first blog post. Nuff said.

So, that’s the size of it for now. I’m sure there are many things to add to this list, but this is a wonderful starting point.  I must be signing off as I have to get to work at the ungodly hour of 7 AM to make coffee for a meeting. I lead a charmed life to be sure.